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or heading back down to Brighton


Got down finally to Brighton after a summer of wildness that am not sure I really have managed to understand. Am I happy with this, though part of me still thinks that I have made something of a mistake, the move is not really something I thought I would want to do, but it is something that I have had to do. Am I chasing something, is there a purpose for me out there, could I be any more further away from what I wanted to gain?

L broke it off with me, though I could see that coming a long long way off I just wish it could have been done sooner rather than a week before I start the course, twat! Am angry but am not sure why I know that it was a bad thing to have going with him but I still was starting to get used to the fact that I had someone, anyone, but someone that I was in love with. That’s the pain I knew I wasn’t ready for. I knew we had to go our own way but in some why I think he was using me, I fitted in with what he wanted and that’s cool, but still, the pain is like waking up alone and knowing that there is no one there for you, alone, again, does that really count?

The night bus down was eventful. Some smelly thug got on at Durham and started to go through the bags of some guy who was a sleep in front of us. I didn’t say anything until a little later on when he asked me a question. I don’t know where the balls came from but I thought I would just let him know I knew he was looking in the guys bag. He was a right state and a certain candidate for abortion but after talking to him he then went and put the laptop back in the bag and so all was good.

Getting into London for 6am was ok I guess wasn’t able to sleep because of the man though when I did shut my eyes for five minutes hat was when he swiped the guys bag down and placed it under his seat [the guys seat] trying to tell me that the bag had fell…was i likely to buy that story.

It’s the second day in Brighton and once again am in the Apple shop, might actually try and buy one of these things they are well nice B-man has one and its going to be mine soon, I offered him 4oo for it and and said no, though I can see why, they don’t come with a great deal of hard drive though, Sony’s come with loads. How long do you think I can keep this us for before they tell me to leave, they can tell am working on something there was a blue shirt come over and had a look but never said anything. I could tell him that I am really REALLY going to buy one but would like to try it out here and since they wont let me borrow one then this is the best that I can do.

I met the B-man in London and we had breakfast was nice to see him so early in the morning was still full of the warm smiles and laughs as always. I don’t think he realises how happy he makes me just talking with him, he has such a good heart there are few people who are as warm and kind as he is, as for a friend, he’s the best.

The train to Brighton from Victoria was empty no wonder the train was only 5. I called accom about the room and they said I would have to call back at 10, I did and for 10 minutes it seemed the phone was engaged. I got a little pissed off I thought it was a little stupid of them to to not have more people on the phone’s when they knew loads of homeless students where going to be calling them.

Am waiting for a phone call from Levi Roots people, hoping for an interview well 5 at the least…

I got to the hostel and some guys where in there already talking, Spanish, English, Kiwi and some rather annoying pain in the arse, not not sure where he was from but was not all there in the head. Had to wait till I was able to get into my bed. They guy was really helpful he said that the rooms where all booked for the weekend but that I would be able to stay if I found out what I was doing over the weekend. I was going to go to London. Not sure what my heart has to do with London but it’s a place I like to be and is something that makes me happy. I think it has to do with the fact that there are millions of people there and no one knows me, well except Joe, he knows me, but he’s always busy, so just me…

I was really tired so made my way to the beach and fell asleep, was a little cold but not that bad so was a little refreshed and then made my way to a pub to read the rest of my book, Blood River, which is one of the best books ever written, then went back to the dorm and went to bed.

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