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The Day of the 2nd

or Does he really mean this??

9 °C

Not sure why on earth I have that as my title but I thought that it was fitting and would be something that all the kids can talk about when they go out in the fields and start collecting the harvest…well some might the rest are busy with knife crime.

As you can tell by the randomness of what I am typing I am back at Apple, got here a little nit early so not to bother the sellers though they don’t seem to bothered.

The first night went ok, I have to admit though I was a little freaked out with the whole sleeping in a dorm thing. I’ve not done something like that since Campus, so was a little odd to say the least. The only bunk I could get was a top bunk and sleeping with my jeans and such to the left of me wasn’t the most comfortable thing that I could have planned to do but was something that I would have to do to ensure that I wasn’t robbed. Though I am very clear in my faith that no one would have robbed me, yet anyway, this isn’t New York.

The showing in the dorm is the only thing that I would say has really started to get on my nerves. Its static and just spits out a little bit of water so you have to be in there for a very long time, longer than is normal if you ask me, god knows what people will be thinking I would be doing in there.

I had to get up early for work, yes, a job, started at the big Red today and was wicked, not sure I like that word but, wicked it is and wicked it was. The people seem nice enough I was left doing the dishwashing which I really enjoyed. Its best to be in the back on the first day or for a few weeks as it allows you to show them that you can work and your worth the job. Got a little back logged but was able to get back on top of that in no time, legend.

I was told to pull up my pants, I think T had complained, but was done in a nice way, think they understood that I wasn’t intending to try and get the queer eyes on me. Though they where rather short. Not the queer eyes. The place was busy and then was quiet so I guess like any other place of work. Some of the customers seemed nice enough, but just kept to what I was doing. They kept trying to ply me with coffee, do you think I should tell them that I am not that big a coffee drinker.

bean having tea a lot, not sure why, it’s so expensive so am going to by a flask but then that means carrying it around with me all the time and then when it’s empty what do I do with it? But might have to think I have spent close to 15 on tea alone, not a good start he when a bag of tea would cost less than 2…

When worked finished I did the usual, the big white phone is not going to good. I think I am getting worse and seem to be losing more and more weight, though now am getting to the stage where I am not sure if I am or if it’s just my eyes, could I really just be a tubby, that would be nice.

Loads of people seem to be buying these laptops, I should get one.

I just spent most of the day walking round town didn’t really get up to much. I read some more Butcher, loved it, more tea, then got the call that I was going to be able to meet Levi Roots as he was going to be doing a book signing of his new cookery book at Borders. So on my way there after looking in some shops for things I really don’t need I bumped into the boy on his bike ever the smart guy.

He joined me and we had some startbucks while we waited for Levi to come on.

The boy was unable to stay as he had wrk at 7 so he left and I got a copy of Levi’s books signed for his housemate and did the interview. Think he was heading out last night was invited but thought it best not to go. Why do I over think things in that way?? I should have said yes but then part of me was thinking ‘well you knew I was down here and know nobody so when you planned something you could have asked if I wanted to go?’ But then I thought well you don’t need me there so there is not point along like a dead dog with people I don’t know. I hate that.

After the signing I just did what I have been doing all week just walked around found a place to relax take in the massive chance in life. Went to the beach and saw thing guy disrobe, was really unsure what he was doing, then he got into some shorts and went into the sea. Yes, the sea, though it wasn’t cold or anything like that. I saw him swimming and thought of the cold then thought of the very little chance he is going to have in having children…ok that last bits needs editing.

I went into the sea as well, though only my feet, when he came out we got to talking and he said he wished he could paint because the night was so nice. There was a nice warmth there and the colours in the sky where so beautiful to just look up at and take in, the sea offers true freedom, and escape from the mundane and a real release form the perils of life.

Night time came and I got lonely and upset. Walking around for a few hours I thought for a moment that someone would see me and say he man come over and be our friend. The only thing I was asked for was if I wanted to buy some weed. Life stinks but the sea is freedom.

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