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Ok, so ill ask you a question, do you think am insane? I'm not sure I want you to answer that so ill make sure i answer it for you...that's rude I guess but who else is going to answer it. I don't think that I am, I think we all reach a point in this life when we begin to search for the 'meaning' and persuit of what that meaning might be and how it can better our lives. Does searching for that point, meaning, or start make you insane? Again a question.

I was talking to one of James mates today and James had said that I was 'living the dream.' I said to his mate that if I am living then am not dreaming, though I think I was trying to hard to explain my point (if there was one). If your living then your not dreaming, your in the real, life is there and able to be grabbed with both hands and you can take as much of it as you like - so that's a great thing!

What is there out here that we're looking for, is it just meaning, or do we actually have a greater need for meaning to be placed in our lives. Well does that mean that our lives lack the meaning it needs to be able to do the things that it wants, that we want? It may sound like a riddle but that's not what I am trying to get to. There is so much bull in this life (in general not mine alone) that we accept it and we get the job, and the car and the house, we fake our lives for the sake of what, the norm, keeping the status in order for us to be able to say to people 'I have this and my kids do that.' Is that were we are heading?

Each of us gets to the point I think I find myself now, realising that there IS more to life and more to the choices and places I can find myself. Everything I have done this far I believe has guided me in this direction and the choices I make here on in are going to be the choices I have never been strong to make before. SO what's changed now, much, anything?? NO. Your missing the point.

The older one gets the more you are able to look back and reflect on where you have come from and what you have learned, if anything. Are there real life lessons that you learn, or does the soul just become bitter and sad from the experiences it's been exposed to, can this change, or will it remain scared? Somethings I think even the soul can not get over, and shouldn't but it all adds to the place you are heading and the person you have (are) becoming.

Life is bigger than anyone of us and we have to try and make sure that we take on as much as we can, life for now, this minute and this moment, not tomorrow, not next week or the week after, now, because it's only now that gives you hope, happiness, and feeling.

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