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Counting down the days


There is not much time left I don't think before my head explodes! It doesn't feel like that much pressure being here but the lack of productivity is definatly something that is driving me mad. I was going to head up to Glasgow for the day but that would have cost about £60, why the hell is it so expensive to travel in the UK. Seriously answer me this why does it cost less to travel ANYWHERE in the world than it does to travel in this pin head country (and that's not a dig it's simply an indication to the size of the UK).

I was going to dye my hair but thought it would make no sense what-so-ever. I think it would look different but at the same time who am I wanting to impress? Think it has more to do with the fact that in London one is just another guy with dreds who is quite goodlooking - their words. Might cut them off, I've only been growing them because of silly bet and at my age think bets about ones personal appearence have to stop - so I will, but it is insulation.

Might have to stop reading, well non-fiction books anyway. Not sure what this world is or why we are in it (this is not a suicide not) but we know all the problems and all the issues but stillwe do nothing, is there a point when we say NO, STOP, LISTEN, it feels as though we are just machines who don't talk and who fear any change to the 'fake' lives that we live. Could I be a communist? Doubt it we've lived to long in capitalism to revert (and those who claim to do that are liars - some anyway).

Going to head the beach tomorrow, breathe the sea and clear the head and loosen the shoulders.

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