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Last Night

The rain, and more rain, its like England


Last night was ok, went well I guess. It rainded for about an hour which wasn't as annoying as I thought it would be. Stayed near the Louvre for most of the night slept in the park to the left, still seeing the louvre in the distance, actually fell asleep adn woke up rather cold, so more layers I think for tonight.

My grand plan of sleeping for a few hours in the bus station has hot a snag, was just woken up by a rather big security gaurd who as telling me in French that I can't sleep there, but was nice about it, i didn't think this would be a problem.

The sooner I move on the better.

Might head to the latin quarter later today, full of artist and the likes, though still kind of groggy, do I know yet what i've done? Going to lighten the load in my bag again, don't need to carry two of them so time to dump some crap.

Not much else to say really, though I have four minutes left so Ill fill it up with words, well I can so I will.

Paris is a nice city but I think it's a city in contrast. There are a lot of homless people who sleep right out on the street,one of the main streets Rui de Rivoli which is odd to see, you do see it in England but I guess you don'e see it as much when youlive there. There are still a lot of tourist around, just heard a bunch of our cousins, American's talking about their trip, minus the swearing they seemed like good blokes.

Going to go, tie my shoes and wash my face then head back into town, might treat myself, but to what I don't know. Feel a little down today,l might be the lack of sleep and food, so sorry for the lack of pep.

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